Every Big Picture is comprised of a myriad of Details.  A bloom is made up of petals, a painting is made up of brushstrokes, a lifetime is made up of  moments.  At Bliss in Bloom, each of our Events contain countless personal details that make them unique.  We savor every single one.

The details of Kristin and Trevor’s wedding at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel were remarkable.  From the custom sourced, vintage silver as the cornerstone for our tablescape to the clever DIY Photo-booth props, complete with social-media hashtag directives.  From the lovely, sea-side lounge area to the chandeliers.  From the Peonies to the personalized favors.  From the Buddah Staircase wedding ceremony to the Scrabble Tiles in the Honeymoon Suite.  Each of these was a reflection of our Bride and Groom.

The ONE detail that shone the brightest at this particular Event?  The Couple.

Congratulations Kristin and Trevor…Cheers to a Lifetime of beautiful Details.

Event Design: Bliss in Bloom
Florals: Bliss in Bloom
Wedding Coordination: Bliss in Bloom
Rentals, Furniture and Lighting:  Hawaii Island Events

Thanks especially to Toby Hoogs Photography for expertly capturing the Details in your photos!

Toby_Hoogs_Photography 0019

Toby_Hoogs_Photography 0052

Toby_Hoogs_Photography 0074

Toby_Hoogs_Photography 0031

Toby_Hoogs_Photography 0048

Toby_Hoogs_Photography 0033

Toby_Hoogs_Photography 0073

Toby_Hoogs_Photography 0064

Toby_Hoogs_Photography 0066

Toby_Hoogs_Photography 0068

Toby_Hoogs_Photography 0070

Toby_Hoogs_Photography 0074

Toby_Hoogs_Photography 0071

Toby_Hoogs_Photography 0090

Toby_Hoogs_Photography 0065

Toby_Hoogs_Photography 0085

Toby_Hoogs_Photography 0084

Toby_Hoogs_Photography 0087

Toby_Hoogs_Photography 0079

Toby_Hoogs_Photography 0081

Toby_Hoogs_Photography 0086