Julie + Andy: A Family Affair in Kamuela Hawaii

This wedding evokes such wonderful feelings of joy – a moment – a time of well being and contentment. Andy is my nephew so this wedding means a great deal to me personally, and Julie is truly lovely and I am so thrilled that she is now “officially”  my family!

Although it would be my pleasure to take full credit for the event décor etc., I must admit that I really had very little to do with it. Although I assisted with Coordination and some of the Event Design, it was truly Julie, with her D.I.Y fashion sense and wedding style, who put together the whole shebang. Since she is in the wedding industry as a photographer, she really knows her stuff! http://www.julieharmsenphotography.com/

Julie pretty much filled me in on the décor scheme and overall vision and, of course, I humbly and most happily obliged! Not only Julie, but also in cahoots was Stacey Fitts, my amazingly talented sister-in-law of Floral Occasions http://floraloccasions.com/; the great scheming mastermind who constructed all the wedding florals. Oh how awesome it was to work with these amazing women on an event that was truly love driven! To me this wedding was a chance in a life time; A family affair, a meeting of minds corrupted by creativity!

It’s crazy how much inspiration I took away from this event! I try to keep myself motivated, but being on an island, it’s sometimes nice to get a taste of the great beyond to get you inspired. I feel as though my family swooped in and dumped buckets of inspiration and creativity on me and I think, “Wow! How lucky I am to not only be in this family, but also among those that inspire me the most!”

The take away . . .

Julie and Andy, I cannot be happier for you both! When seeing you together, I just know you were meant to be. Your wedding would not have been as beautiful without your sincere and unselfish, truly reverent love for each other.

Stacey, what can I say? You inspired me from the beginning and you inspire me still today! You are the best at what you do and I can only tell you how I honored I am to work with you!

Flowers used for Julie and Andy’s Wedding Decor included orange, yellow and vibrant red Ranunculus, yellow Crespadia (Billy Balls), assorted Poppies, Dusty Miller, Succulents and Silver Brunia.

Thank you so much for letting me a part of your special day, HIP HIP HOORAY!

This beautiful wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty and you can see more beautiful photos on Sarah Rhoads Photography’s Blog. Location was at Anna’s Ranch, on the Big Island of Hawaii http://www.annaranch.org/

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2 Responses to Julie + Andy: A Family Affair in Kamuela Hawaii

  1. Julie Fitts says:

    Annie-thanks you for your sweet words and everything you did to help with the celebration. You are crazy talented. I’m so excited to be a part of such a fun, talented, embracing family. Here’s to many more good times!

  2. Ole says:

    Seriously like the fresh design. I loved the content. Thanks a lot for this great post.

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